After the Camp

WordCamp Sydney 2014 was lots of fun, still processing it all to be honest, more thoughts over the coming days.

My presentation on our upcoming use of WordPress VIP at NewsCorp seemed to go down well, I will link to it once it is on wordpress.tv (or wherever).

So this week I am wrestling with DNS and WordPress VIP. This is a bit tricky for us – traditionally our sites redirected from TLD to www, but WordPress VIP works the other way about.

Also we use the advanced and rather splendid DNS from akamai, where as WordPress prefers to use their own. That would mean giving up akamai features for any subdomains that contain non-WordPress services like our API and node.js, which would be negative for both security and scalability. Using subdomains in this way is done so that same domain policies in JavaScript are managed simply.

The “modern” solution of course is to use CORS or JSONP for our non-WordPress services so domains matter less, but each of these have some issues – CORS only works on recent browsers and JSONP can cause some evil non-cacheability due to the callbacks in the requests having names the service provider can not control.

So in the end I think we just need to compromise and keep our current DNS provider.

Onwards and upwards 🙂



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